Attika Dahri

Painter, collage maker
Strombeek Bever, Belgium

workI was born on Friday, October 13, 1978, the second in a family of four children. Daughter of a Belgian mother and an Algerian father, I grew up with two cultures.
This mix of cultures makes me who I am today.
I was a well-behaved child, a rather 'tidy teenager' with a creative side, and finally I became a sensitive woman with a touch of serene madness.
Words, dance, color and music are at the center of my life. I experiment with them to express myself.
My emotions and the stories of others touch and inspire me, my heart guides me in everything I create.
Colors often dominate in my works both in paintings and in my collages. They are my energy I want to transmit.
‘…when everything changes, when nothing seems right or wrong, that is where it all begins….’

Welcome to my world!
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Peace within chaos Project A Hiya
Peace within chaos Project A Hija
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