Wim Scheere

Painter, sculptor, photographer, author, poet, street artist, ...
Duisburg, Belgium

Wim at Auvers BSince 1981 I make toothpaste art: direct on canvas or paper or on objects to make sculptures with poetic titles or texts. Toothpaste derivates may be photos, collages or murals.
- Pasta al dente

Poet, animating collective poems, animating haiku sessions sometimes with people in a social harsh situation, performing as poetry jukebox in street, winner of the Korean Belgian poetry contest 2020. I write in Dutch, French and English and often a mix and sometimes with graphics too.
- Can-art

Organizing and participation of collective art projects mostly innovative ones such as art with toothpaste, collages, assemblages, soundscapes, urban interventions...
- The billiard for women, constructed on women's day with Valerie Callewaert

Author of a theatre text and director of the theater piece.
Autor of articles on art - Cobra, Dada, surrealism for an online magazine (Goudblommeke van papier/La fleur en papier doré) and on paper (Hof van Melijn - De Vrienden van de school van Tervuren), most of them in the style of the treated artist or artist movement (instead of descriptive).

Landscape photography - multiple nominations in contests.

I'm an instructor and practitioner of a martial art Taiji Quan and Qi Gong, and the themes of harmony, Yin/Yang, the five phases (Chinese view) and the 4 elements (European view) are present in my propositions.
Video: dragon dance, I have connections with Chinese top performers, here a training without the lion clothes which make you see the techniques used to communicate between the two persons.

I strongly support projects between artists. I did it with participation to Mail Art projects in the 80's enabling artists behind the iron curtain to participate too. Today with my atelier I have the opportunity to participate, organize and host such projects. I'm a good project lead without hierarchy, a team player and a creative mind who has experience in multicultural settings.

At home, I have large ateliers, I organize exhibitions mostly with 8 to 10 artists per expo. The expo rooms are on two floors: on level 1 two spaces of 7x5 m and 2x5 m and the floor level 4 spaces of 5x6 m, 6x2 m, 5x2m and 2x2m and a garden of 20x80 m.

Between exhibitions there is a possibility of short term artist residencies using one or two rooms as atelier.

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