Jan Kähler

Draftsman and musician and clown
Weilheim, Germany

282I am a draftsman and musician and clown.
As a draftsman, I mainly "write" pencil portraits. Sometimes I also paint a colorful picture.
My music is self-evident and unique. I improvise and enjoy musical conversations, but mostly solo.
My self-image is that of the person currently concerned ^^. In the end, I want to find myself in the theater, the clown theater, and I love to play for children, and anyone who likes to see the game. My art is often veiled and hidden behind the interpretation ... hehe! Everyone should know for themselves what it is they are seeing and hearing and thinking and what they feel about it.
Europe is important to me personally ... beeecause: I am a genetic mixture from this example but with other roots, namely from Indonesia. However, my feeling is mega-European, because my language and culture and thinking tick just like that. I can't get out of it!

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