Elise Eekhout

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Gempke03From an early age, artist Elise Eekhout has been fascinated by letters. When Eekhout looks at letters, she sees beautifully designed figures. What she finds so fascinating is that we don’t or hardly don’t see those signs anymore, once we can read. You are immediately transported to the world behind the letters.

Based on this fascination, Elise wants to show how text and image intertwine in her head. How they enter into a symbiosis with each other. She does this by making paintings in which she interweaves image and text. She uses gold leaf and silver leaf that reflect the light in a different way each time you walk by. This brings the painting to life and makes it look different every time you look at it.

In 2021 her work was shown at a number of exhibitions in India. She sells her work both within and outside Europe and the USA.
After participating in The Colorfield Performance , I was invited by Gerd Lepic and Uta Stack to join AiM. I'm interested because I like the international aspect.

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Elise 3 Elise 4 Elise 5
Escaped Land - 100 x 160 cm
acrylics and metallic foil on canvas 
 Drowned Land | Doggerland - 100 x 160 cm
acrylics and metallic foil on canvas
Buried Land | Solleveld - 100 x 160 cm
acrylics and metallic foil on canvas 
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