Ellen Dekker

Zutphen, the Netherlands

EllenPainting for me is like an inner journey.
I start by exploring the canvas in all directions, playing with colours, and subsequently I work in many layers.
Each layer brings me closer to my Self.
Painting is also like walking through a labyrinth, and sometimes a maze:
I start without a plan, a map or intentions, with an open mind and heart. Sometimes on the way I feel lost, can’t find my way, but by moving on, trusting my instincts, I sooner or later arrive at the centre, the heart….. my heart. It slowly becomes visible to me what this painting is about and what its essence might be.
I’m touched, this moves me (literally) and from then on, this essence is leading in the further process of painting. Finally everything falls into place, there are no more impulses, there is silence and a full heart: the painting is ready.
And I feel connected with every part of it.
So the journey reveals itself as I go along.
I experience the canvas as a world between heaven and earth, between trusting my intuition and wrestling and playing with paint.
This world is for me connected with the earthly reality as well as with my Higher Self, and that’s where I feel very much at home.
One has to come home first to open the door for someone else.
I welcome you into my world!
And hope it can resonate with your world within.
I love working in an international context and welcome the cooperation and connection between us artists, in all our diversity, with all my heart.

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