Gepke Hoekstra

Painter, sculptor, event organizer
Drachten, the Netherlands

Gempke03The works I make mainly consist of paintings or sculptures.
I cannot commit myself to a style or material and the question is whether I will ever be able to. This has to do with a strong need for freedom. I often see frames as part of the work and I make them myself or I design them and have them made. I often choose warm colors and do not often work with shades of gray. My work is often characterized by a labour-intensive process and the processing of some pieces takes six months to a year. Painting I often work colored and layered in acrylic paint. My work is created by assignments that are given and/or by social or personal themes that affect me. I also see art as a possible means of transferring a question, a message or a feeling and I like to make a statement.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” (Banksy)

Banksy is a motivator for my statements, but the old masters, Rembrandt, Vermeer, are my great examples when it comes to realism and use of light. Realism is usually part of my work. Surrealism and Art Nouveau/Jugendstil also have my attention. This has to do with my preference for the mythical and the “fantasy” world. Realism represents my search for truth, however raw it may be.
In my opinion it has a place in the culture of Friesland. The northern part of Holland. “Siz it mar sa as it is en doch mar gewoan”. (Just say it like it is and just act like you should.)
I associate and bring together original elements after a preliminary study. I sketch little and prefer to start directly with paint on the canvas or the chisel in the wood or stone. I find it important in portraiture that the person or animal is depicted in a characteristic way and I make e.g. I like to use symbolism to support the image I want to convey. Sculptively I am working with a somewhat coarser touch in wood or stone. I love to free the statue from wood or stone with physical hard work.
I don't make it too easy for myself and therefore keep moving through a constant learning process.
It is a compliment when the viewer experiences my work as I intended. In my work I look for a universal feeling, a “knowing” that is recognizable to many people. Understandable for everyone, regardless of origin or education. I also agree with Tolstoy that art is for everyone.
Recurring themes are: “Equality, justice, social considerations, capturing a moment, aesthetics and capturing the characteristic of people or animals.

You contacted me and I am honoured with it. I support your goals from deep within thoughts. In my opinion we are in the middle of a big change of everything. Artists have eversince walked up front when the changes are made and I gladly would join the movement. I feel like it's my task.
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